"The network is down!" ...
"Our voicemail isn't working!" ...
"I can't believe we just lost the past month's work on that project!"

Attention Companies in Charlotte NC,

Unless you are extremely fortunate, you may have heard one or all of these complaints from your staff at one time or another. And, depending upon the issue, you may be dealing with more than one of these problems at the same time. Having to deal with multiple IT companies to support your business can be very challenging. These IT companies all have their particular service interfaces with the rest of your business services can be a business owner's nightmare.

Why carry the load of numerous Information Technology (IT) vendors when we can manage your entire technology infrastructure for you? We pride ourselves on being a total solution provider for all your technology needs. As one of the leading IT companies in Charlotte, NC, we have the technology solution to help your large corporation or small business grow.
  • One-stop shopping for your network, phone system and computer backup
  • Reliable solutions to your most complex challenges
  • Improvement to your productivity, reducing your overall IT expenses and increasing your bottom line
No more downtime, no more nightmares. Just business as usual and the ability to provide streamlined services to your customers.

No Problems. Just Solutions.

This has been our approach since it was established in 1995 by owner John Jauch. We provide totally secure, fully functional IT environments, making network downtime a thing of the past to companies in and around Charlotte NC.

We help our clients with IT consulting and we will become your virtual IT department providing you with "real" technology solutions that work for your business.

When your company needs a turnkey Network Installation, Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone System, Virtualization of Servers, or Automated Remote Data Backups for disaster recovery; Jsource Technologies is your IT consulting solution.

When you need computer or printer repair, to purchase hardware, equipment, software, cables, or accessories and supplies; once again Jsource Technologies is your solution.

We also offer web hosting, web design and print services

We make technology work for your company with total IT support and consulting from one source. One Solution; One Source... Jsource Technologies.

No problems. Just solutions.

Jsource Technologies • 1407 Rocky River Road North • PO Box 523 • Monroe, NC 28111

Phone: (704) 283-9803 • Toll Free: (800) 550-2000 • Fax: (704) 973-9729 • Email:

Jsource Technologies' IT consulting is available for IT support services, data recovery, web design, and much more. Call us today!
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