Backup and Data Recovery Solutions in Charlotte NC

Do you fear a system CRASH? What would you do if you came into work and your system was down? How quickly could your business be back up and running? 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week?

What if you discovered that the backups that you thought you had were not their or they were corrupt? Would you even be in business in 1 year from now?

Our backup and data recovery solutions take these worries away for our clients in Charlotte NC.

Let's face it, you can't afford to lose your accounting files, sales records, e-mail messages and contacts, HR and payroll, pictures or your personal data files? Why should you use automated data backups?
  • Data protection from natural disasters, hardware failures, media degradation and theft.
  • Also protects against virus attacks, hackers and user errors. If a file is modified, previous versions can be restored.
  • Reliability from our redundant data centers that historically have 99.99% data availability.
  • Secure data retrieval from virtually any PC with an Internet connection.
  • Easily increase capacity without upgrading expensive hardware and media.
  • Convenient and affordable solutions from one computer to an entire network. Never worry about your backups again.
  • Backed by a dedicated support team when you need it.
We welcome the opportunity talk with all Charlotte NC business owners about their current backup and data recovery solution. The time to protect your business is before you have a disaster. Backup and Data Recovery Solutions in Charlotte NC

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