Are you a small to mid-sized business owner who is looking to reduce your printing costs by up to 30%?

Let's face it in today's competitive environment and rising business costs, you can no longer afford to spend any money needlessly.

Managed print services used to be only available to large corporations. But now with advances in technology, you can take advantage of these saving.

Managed Print Solutions are a smarter way to manage your print network because from your desktop workstation or laptop you can manage all of your office printers.

Part of the problem that you face is lack of information or information that is difficult to find. With managed print services you can quickly get the following information.
  • Printer usage patterns
  • Service calls details
  • Contract and warranties information
  • Alerts for supplies when they are running low

Many business owners have no idea just how much money is being wasted on printing and printing supplies.

The value of knowing your printer history

Toner and paper costs add up rapidly. We help you make sound business decisions by providing information about each printer and its usage and associated costs. Without this information you have no idea how to reduce your spending. As you maximize your printer usage you will be using less paper helping you to improve your “green office” initiatives. We can also help you save more money by using quality remanufacture toner cartridges.

Because of our simple monitoring you will save money by reducing the cost of:
  • Toner
  • Paper
  • Parts
  • Service calls

With Jsource Technologies, there are no problems... just solutions.

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