Special Offers: FREE Network Health Check! Put Jsource To The Test!

We offer all potential clients one FREE Network Health Check & Diagnosis (Valued at $297). This comprehensive health check will allow us to perform a "x-point audit" of your whole network to locate possible problems, spyware, security loopholes, and additional hidden issues that can cause your computers on the network to run slowly, perform poorly, crash frequently and lose valuable data.

Jsource will:
  • Review system backups for your network to verify that they’re function and ARE ABLE to be quickly restored if you lose data, or in case of a disaster
  • Search for hidden malware, viruses, and malware that MANY anti-virus software and tools don't detect and can't remove.
  • Review security updates and applicable patches to confirm that your network truly IS secure
  • Check the network firewall and the applicable security settings.
  • Review the integrity of each workstation and server's hardware. (NOTE: Were you aware that one of the top causes of data loss is hardware failure? With proper monitoring, we can detect this early and help you avoid this.)
  • Audit your virus definitions and protection
  • Perform a physical scan of the server room and all cabling to verify that your network is PHYSICALLY secure, safe, and setup properly.
  • Review the overall performance, space and settings of the system to determine if your entire network is running as fast as it can

Why Is This Something You Should Care About?

There are hundreds of ways undetected viruses and hackers can gain access to your network and remotely control your entire network, destroy your data, steal confidential information, and abuse your network by sending spam, spreading viruses, and sharing illegal software.

Various system checks and updates on a regular basis will ensure maximum performance, speed, and security of your network. If these are ignore, your network will become exponentially slower, more unstable, and increasingly susceptible to spyware, hackers, and viruses.

It’s a fact that the failure rate of tape backups is 100%. This means that every tape drive will eventually fail at some point, often at the worst possible time and without warning. You do NOT want to discover that your tape backup wasn't working the day after your hard drive dies.

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