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Voice Over IP (VoIP) has taken the business world by storm. Your business probably has a high speed internet connect. Why not save your company and sever the tie from the old phone world.

If your company is looking to move to a business-grade Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system to lower costs look no further. Our team has experience with Cisco, Asterix and other VoIP leaders providing unsurpassed expertise.

The Benefits of a Voice over IP phone system:
  1. Cost savings
  2. Same great features of a traditional system
  3. Mobility

VoIP Services for Businesses Offer:
  • Outbound calling to anywhere
  • Inbound calling with new and existing phone numbers
  • Inbound toll free calling with new and existing numbers
  • Emergency services - 911/E911
  • Disaster recovering routing
  • Detailed Reporting

A few minutes to answer these questions could reduce your monthly landline telephone bill substantially.

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If yes, how many numbers do you need to switch over?
Do your calls come through a front desk before transferring to your extension? Yes     No
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What are your current monthly telephone costs?
Does your business have more incoming or outgoing calls? Incoming     Outgoing
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